The state of being Inky.

Just a random assortment of my budgie obsession, Batman, doodles, photographs, odd ends and mix-match sketches. Any legit art can be found in the links above.
~ Wednesday, February 15 ~

Just some photos of my desk (yes, I process them all like this).

Doing 3-point perspective drawings for my online class and my intuos is too small to do it properly so I get to use my awesome art desk.  Had to use tape to put the points far enough off the paper so the drawing isn’t cramped.

Andddddd, my Leo Lion King mug.  It was a gift from Lisa for X-mas.  Seriously, I exclusively use this mug now.  No other mug will do.  I have to keep it in my room and when I deem it dirty (usually after a few weeks) I wash it then hide it away in my room again so no one else will use it.

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